Career Opporunities

Career Opportunities ForThe Massage Therapy Profession

The Massage Therapy and Integrative Healing Alternative Professions are increasingly becoming desirable career paths in helping others to cultivate healing in many areas of life (physical, mental, emotional, &spiritual). Some of these areas address pain management, stress management, trauma, and help others to nurture others in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Complementary Healing Alternatives are gaining recognition as valid approaches to healing and valuable in addressing a holistic approach to health and over all well-being. These service professions are expanding rapidly throughout the world as rewarding careers, helping to bring healing and healthy alternatives into the practitioner’s lives and also the individuals they serve.

Career opportunities for the licensed massage therapists include many options offering a multitude of dynamic environments. Many opportunities in this field can provide the massage therapist a rich experience and opportunity to collaborate with other health professionals, while helping make a difference in other people’s lives.