How Massage School Shaped My Path

Jan 26, 2017
Heather Weber

Timing is powerful. Good opportunities are around every corner, but they have to fit the shape of your life to be embraced. Given the dynamic flow of each individual life and the transformations we go through over time, the circumstances under which a new idea bubbles up have to align for an opportunity to become a reality. When something does arise, you can gain great insight into its potential by listening to your internal voice and being mindful of how you truly feel. It is a combination of these concepts – timing, mindfulness, and a good heap of enthusiasm and empowerment – that brought me to study the Integrative Healing Arts. 

I fell in love with East-West Massage School at a rather inconvenient (or convenient, depending on how you look at it) time. I was completely enrolled in and just about to begin a Bachelor’s  degree program at the University. The way I was feeling at this time was rather unusual for me – uneasy and a bit nervous although I couldn’t pinpoint why. When I visited East-West and pictured myself pursuing a more integrative, well-rounded, and down-to-earth path, those feelings disappeared. The trajectory I had set for myself took a drastic shift, and turned toward the path I continue today. 

East-West Massage School is a transformative place. As a past student and now, as the Ambassador watching new students progress through the program, I can testify that this education changes people in unexpected, positive, and inspiring ways. East-West is a life school. Not only do you receive an excellent education focused in Therapeutic Massage and covering a wide array of healing modalities and styles, you learn to embody a lifestyle of well-being. Learning to bring peace and health to others inevitably teaches you to support yourself. I watch students become empowered, taking charge of their own life and making changes with ease that they never thought would be possible. After graduating, they are well-prepared for a fulfilling, rewarding, adaptable career and for a journey of learning that never ends. 

By seeking alignment in my life and using unhappy feelings as a catalyst for change, I invested in myself and my world changed. If you are feeling ready for a shift towards a better life and a more complete you, know that you have the power to find it.

~Rebecca Pogue