Our Philosophy and Mission

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Inspired by the rich intellectual and experiential massage modalities of Eastern and Western perspectives, East-West Massage Therapy School combines an Eastern-Western approach to addressing the “whole person” nurturing the perspectives of body, mind & spirit. We educate the whole person, cultivating technical academic excellence and intuitive insight, infusing both Western and Eastern massage techniques and perspectives.

Drawing upon knowledge and healing modalities that span across cultures, traditional and contemporary, we believe that therapeutic bodywork and the integrative healing arts are powerful vehicles for engaging the healing process, helping to awaken and re-align the homeostasis of the body, while engaging the “whole person”.

East-West Massage School recognizes the inherent goodness and wisdom of each human being. We believe as you heal the body from an integrative holistic perspective, you naturally help others do the same. The school fosters in the student body a life-long joy of learning in the healing arts profession.

We recognize the innate value of hands on learning, and believe an experiential learning environment transfers a palpable experience that the learner retains and understands with ease, and from multiple perspectives. We trust in the sacred nature of the body and its intelligent design, and acknowledge that when given the proper support a quality of equanimity and peace arises.


We believe that every human being has “within them” potential and that this potential is limitless. We believe that this limitless potential for healing and wholeness is accessed by cultivating and awakening the “healer from within”, tapping into the source of wholeness, engaging all levels of mind, body, and heart.

We trust that the personal growth, transformation, and development that our students will experience will be transferred into their professional experience as they serve others on their path of healing, improving health, and overall well-being. Ultimately, our Mission is for East-West massage school students to explore the philosophical, intellectual, and experiential depths of massage therapy, so they attain the deepest understanding of therapeutic bodywork and are prepared to share this benefit with the rest of the world.